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Letter regarding snow closure

Good morning,

Thank you for your support this week.

Deciding to close our schools is always a horrid and troubling decision to make.  It is not one I ever take lightly.

Children should not be wrapped in a bubble and become risk averse. 

It is good for children to learn to manage reasonable and proportionate risk.  This ability will keep them safe throughout their lives.  To this end, our pupils go on three residential visits, run restaurants and build camp fires in Forest School etc. 

However, my biggest responsibility as Head Teacher is keeping my children, my parents and my staff safe.  I take my duty of care very seriously. This week, I feel the risk of travelling to and from school has been too great, as is movement on our site.  I cannot, with any confidence, guarantee their safety.  Therefore, we remain closed.  I am sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding. 

Best wishes,

Mr Mike Wade