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Social, moral, spiritual and cultural development (SMSC)

“Pupils' exemplary behaviour and very positive attitudes to learning contribute significantly to their outstanding achievement. They are highly motivated, and want to learn. As a result there is an exceptionally strong learning culture in the school. Without exception all pupils spoken with were very proud of what they have achieved and were ambitious for what they wanted to achieve.” Iain Birtwell Junior Review– January 2017.


SMSC is outstanding. The school’s vision statement, 'Care, Learn and Respect' is at the heart of everything that we do and we ensure that our provision develops the whole child-academically, socially, morally and spiritually, so that they are able to thrive in their local and their international community. “This is a good school. Its focus on pupils’ personal development is an outstanding feature of the curriculum and contributes to pupils’ excellent spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. (OFSTED 2012) ”.


‘The school is highly innovative in what it does:

  • Heart Start
  • Leaders in Learning initiative
  • Quilters Quest
  • Quilters Arithmetic Challenge and whole-school times tables tournament
  • Its Boccia Team
  • The Quilters Gallery and the Museum of Quilters
  • LEGO challenge, as part of a STEM initiative
  • Links to Mumbai and Ghana with joint activities planned between schools.
  • Genre reading challenges.
  • QFM, QTV and Q-Movies, would all be examples.’ SIP Visit Note - November 2016.


“The needs and interests of pupils are at the heart of the stimulating curriculum that ensures excellent coverage of all subjects and makes links across subjects and beyond. Sport, music, drama and art are key elements within its rich curriculum. The curriculum contains clear examples of where pupil voice has been taken into account.” Iain Birtwell Junior Review– January 2017.


There is strong Pupil Voice. Each year, 16 Year 6 pupils act as Leaders of Learning. Their job is to communicate what ‘outstanding behaviour for learning’ looks like to the whole school. They observe lessons, talk to pupils and scrutinise books so they can celebrate role-models in assembly. The Leaders of Learning review their time in school with the governors each year and set one School Improvement Target which is on the school’s main SDP document. There are yearly Quilters elections – for House Captains and School Councillors. The House Captains plan different charity days themselves, where all of the children in that particular house run activities, throughout the day, aimed at raising money for their charity. The school council raises money for charity too in conjunction with the local Rotary Club, several times a year. The school council decides what to raise money for and how. We are an official Rotakids School and work closely with the local Rotary Club, serving the community in which we live. If pupils are worried about safety in school they can report concerns to representatives of our school council (the Safety Squad), some of whom wear high visibility vests at lunch times; they then report back to the school council who will raise and discuss solutions where necessary. A proactive response from adults is guaranteed and any action taken is fed back to pupils in assembly. Termly, our school council works with the school council of other schools from the Billericay Trust. Joint projects are planned collaboratively – last year, we ‘Cleaned for the Queen’. Sports Leaders, in all year groups, plan and run sports activities themselves each term.


Pupils have a clear understanding of what constitutes the core British Values; they endeavour to recognise, develop, use and celebrate these daily. Twice in the last three years, Mr John Baron MP has celebrated British Week with us and he thought that our work on democracy, the rule of law, tolerance and understanding and civil liberties was excellent, imploring other schools (in a press release) to follow our lead. He has conducted interviews on the school’s radio station, QFM, where once more he has helped us to promote and reinforce the importance of British Values. Daily, pupils and staff recognise and celebrate pupils’ Great British Values (their soft skills). These values are promoted and celebrated in the reception area of our school – they are the first thing you see. They are the cornerstone of our values approach to learning. Yearly, pupils enjoy a ‘commons debate’ to learn about the importance of democracy, tolerance, understanding, open-mindedness and compromise – see QTV. One section of the Quilters Museum focuses upon the rule of law.  https://www.quiltersjuniorschool.com/proud-to-be-british/


The school runs a Peer Mentoring programme that promotes empathy, understanding, a sense of belonging, togetherness, sensitivity and love. It ensures everyone is supported emotionally and feels safe and listened to. Pupils grow as people and self-esteem is further improved as a result. (See Peer Mentor/Mentee Parent and Pupil Questionnaires).


The children have a strong awareness, understanding of and appreciation for different cultures, countries and lives.

The school has close links to schools in India and Africa (see the ‘Our Friends Abroad’ section on the school website). We sponsor 4 children in a school in Africa and exchange letters yearly. We regularly share work with our friends in Mumbai and hold a yearly joint talent day. We have made a joint video about our schools, one that appreciates our similarities and celebrates our differences. We are planning to use SKYPE to watch each others assemblies and lessons!  Our test session went well!  https://www.quiltersjuniorschool.com/our-friends-abroad/


On QFM Radio we have broadcast in English, French, Spanish and Arabic, where pupils shared parts of the Quran. The school has links with numerous local communities who speak with pupils about various faiths in school including: Christianity, Hinduism and Islam.


At Quilters Junior School, we believe in developing ‘the whole child’. The Quilters’ Quest is an initiative of our own devising that ensures that every child is guaranteed the chance to experience the 18 significant, character building events we offer as a school. Only through positive experiences can children develop their personal qualities (their Great British soft skills) further. Everyone will have their moment to shine, everyone is equal and everyone can access the Quest.


Quilters Junior School was awarded Essex’s Enhanced Healthy Schools Status in April 2014 (its Healthy School Status was renewed in September 2015) as was the Gold Sainsbury's Active mark in 2015 and 2016. As a Heart Start School, the children are taught about age appropriate emergency life-saving skills, the importance of caring for our heart and bodies and the best way to do so (see Heart Start lesson plans/records). In the Year 2015/16: all pupils enjoyed more than 2 hours of PE per week, 78% of the school were in at least one sports club at school, 50% of pupils competed against another school at least once and 100% competed in intra-school competition, as many as 6 times.