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Our Friends Abroad

Quilters Junior School enjoys strong relationships with two different schools in the African and Asian continents, one of which is in India and the other in Nigeria; we intend to further strengthen these relationships and our work together over the coming year.  


The school in Mumbai is the Anjuman-l-Islam's Begum Sharifa Kalsekar Girls' English High School.  Mr Wade has known the principal, Fauzia Ansari, for many years. 


During the Year 2019/20, our schools will work closely together in many ways:


  • Our pupils will write to one another, making friends in another continent.
  • The children will Skype their new friends, enjoying debates about school issues and will engage in discussions about the differences and similarities of their daily lives.
  • The children in each school will learn out about our shared values.
  • Our Quiltonians will continue to raise money for good causes locally, alongside our friends in the Rotary Club, and we will also raise money for good causes in the community of the Anjuman-l-Islam's Begum Sharifa Kalsekar Girls' English High School.
  • We will run simultaneous events, like 'Talent Day', where the pupils in our school and their friends in Mumbai will engage in and enjoy the same activities on the same day.  We will share our work with one another.  There will be work by our pupils proudly displayed in the school corridors in Mumbai!  
  • All of our shared work and experiences will be celebrated on this page.  


Please have a look at their website:    http://www.anjumanbskengschool.com/default2.asp#




Culture Week

During our culture week, we researched, discussed and presented the similarities and differences of food, famous landmarks and festivals in India and here in the UK.

Here is a small selection of our work. 

Year 3 Our Festivals

Year 4 Houses of Parliament and the Taj Mahal

Year 6 The Taj Mahal - structure in poetry



Having planned a ‘cross-continent Talent Day’ with, our friends, the staff and pupils of Anjuman-l-Islam's Begum Sharifa Kalsekar Girls' English High School, we are in the process of setting a date this half-term for numerous talent competitions to take place.


In India, there will be a card making competition, a competition where pupils need to produce ‘wealth from waste’ (using recycled materials), salad dressing, puppet making, drawing Mehndi Patterns and a design a plate competition.  At Quilters Junior, there will be a design a Lego Vehicle competition, origami, flower arranging, a boot-camp, cup cake design and a make a fashion item competition.


Pupils can choose the competition best suited to their talents! 


Our friends in India have already enjoyed their Talent Day – see below.  Our photos will be added shortly!


2 continents – 2 schools – 2 sets of pupils with bundles of talent!    


Our Talent Day Photos

Year 5's Letters to their Friends in Mumbai

Letters from our friends in Mumbai!

Our letters are on their way to our friends in Africa! (20.10.15)

Our friends responded with some lovely letters....

British Values Greetings Cards - By Year 6

Our friends in India have sent Indian cultural greetings cards to Year 6 (27.09.15). Our Year 6 Quiltonians are about to make British cultural greetings cards and send ours back to them.