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Admissions 2024 - Pupil Information


Information required by the school


Note: items marked with ** are NOT required by pupils transferring from Quilters Infant School


  • **Identity information to be sent via email - deadline 13th May 2024 for September intake

    Proof of residence and Pupil Identity as detailed in our email

  • Forms to be completed online - deadline 13th May 2024 for September intake

    Please click on the following 5 form links to submit your information to the school for each pupil.
    Note: the information will only be sent once the SUBMIT button is clicked at the end of each form.


Please CLICK HERE to see if you qualify for Pupil Premium Grant & Free School Meals before completing these forms.

  1. Confidential Pupil Record 
  2. Dietary Information (Even if your child has no allergies, you will still need to complete this form)
  3. **Photography Consent 
  4. Parental Communication Consent
  5. **Swimming Experience  (please read Swimming Health and Safety information below)


Important Information

Please find below links to our main School Policies which you should familiarise yourself with:

A Full list of Policies can be found from our Key Information Page


Additional Information and Links for new parents