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Every year group in KS2  has a set of writing targets that feature some of the most crucial parts of the writing curriculum for that particular year group.  (See the progression grid for writing to see our writing curriculum in its entirety.)

Click here to see our writing progression grid.

Each year's targets build on those from earlier year groups in order to ensure  progression of skills. We regularly revisit previous targets in order to keep knowledge fresh and when pupils have shown that they can independently use the skills and techniques they have been taught, they are awarded a sticker. By the time the children reach year 6 there is a very wide range of targets to meet, based on the whole primary writing curriculum. 


We teach spelling using a structured scheme of work from Purple Mash. This is based on phonic patterns and the government's statutory spelling lists. Our 5 targets per year group are based on rules which we have identified as recurrent issues for children. They are revisited frequently to ensure retention. 

Year 3 Targets

Year 4 Targets

Year 5 Targets

Year 6 Targets