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At the Quilters Federation, cross phase leadership teams have been set up to ensure curricular progression, cohesion and timely adaptations in all subjects, in all years.  Each team is tasked with promoting a love of the full range of subjects the group are responsible for.  No one teacher is responsible for any single subject; working collaboratively is far more enjoyable, efficient and effective.


Each team continues to have an outstanding impact upon all subject areas.  Pupils enjoy a broad, vibrant and exciting curriculum, based upon and building upon the national curriculum programmes of study.  


Non-core Leadership Team (history, geography, science, RE, MfL, PSHE)

Mrs Kudyk, Miss Dike, Mrs Mitchell, Miss Hales, Mrs Combes


Creative Arts Leadership Team (DT, ART, PE, Music)

Mrs Brown, Mrs Murray, Mrs Parry and Mrs Player


Core Subject Leadership Team  (reading, spelling, maths, writing)

 Mrs Cater, Mrs Friary, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Chappell, Mr Holmes, Miss Tierney 


Computing Leadership Team

Miss Moore, Miss Theobold and Mr Wade



SENCO: Mrs Rachel Fitzgerald


There are many other members of staff who make up the team at Quilters Federation. Every single person plays an invaluable part in making our school the happy and successful place that it is!


Designated Safeguarding Lead:

Mr Wade (DSL)

Mrs Thompson and Miss Hales (Deputy DSL)



Mrs Thompson (Infant Deputy Head Teacher)

Miss Hales (Junior Deputy Head Teacher)

Mrs Player

Mrs Chappell

Mr Holmes



Mrs Patten

and see above Leadership Teams


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs Yaxley-Smith

Mrs Cripps

Mrs Bozza

Mrs Hamblin

Mrs Edwards

Mrs Sterry

Mr Berack

Mrs Hodgson


Infant Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Dervish

Mrs Martin

Mrs Farndon

Mrs Goodman

Mrs Holland

Mrs Davis

Mrs Broom

Mrs Philpot

Mr Mears

Mrs West

Mrs Blyth

Mrs Mootoo


Junior Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Ferry

Mrs Brooks

Mrs Crannigan

Mrs Hunt

Mrs Sinclair

Mrs Shand

Mrs Mootoo

Mrs Peyrer


IT Technician

Mrs Trett


Sports Coach

Mr Moore

Mrs Mears


Site Manager

Mr Jones


Office Staff

Mrs Rodgers

Mrs Flowers

Mrs Keating

Mrs St Pierre

Mrs Trett

Mrs Rann

Mrs Porteous


Well-Being Council Lead

Mrs Wildgust


Catering Staff

Mrs Rajack

Mrs Fisher

Mrs Horne

Mrs Waldie

Mrs Wheeler


Infant Midday Assistants

Mrs Farndon

Mrs Broom

Mrs Rees

Mrs Boucher

Mrs Garnett

Mrs Flower

Mr Wright

Mrs Philpott

Mrs Dervish

Mrs Blyth

Mrs West


Junior Midday Assistants

Mrs Ferry

Mrs Mootoo

Mrs Williams

Mrs Howe

Mrs Elliott-Young

Ms Sanderson

Mrs Angliss

Mrs Amir

Mrs Suddell

Mrs Bond


Swimming Team

Mrs Boucher and Mrs Williams - Swimming assistants

Mrs White and Mrs Leaver - Teachers