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SEND Information Report for Parents/Carers Revised and Updated September 2020 by Mrs Rachel Fitzgerald SENCO)


This is a summary document for parents/carers. Our full SEND Information Report.


*Please note-Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government can at any time temporarily change aspects of the law around SEND, particularly the level of support expected. The duties in law can be modified from an ‘absolute duty’ to ‘reasonable endeavours’, as a result of schools and agencies having to adapt and work in different ways. At Quilters we will always endeavour to support children’s needs, however, given the exceptional circumstances currently in place, not all interventions previously offered may be available due to Covid-19 and restrictions/controls placed on staff and pupils.


Our Ethos   


At Quilters Infant and Junior Schools we create a happy, caring community where all feel valued and secure. We value the contributions made by all children, professionals and parents to help enhance and maintain our inclusive school community. We appreciate and value the best efforts of every child in all aspects of school life, ensuring they realise their maximum potential by delivering outstanding provision. We provide a broad and balanced and stimulating curriculum for every child regardless of race, gender or ability.


Our work with you and young people

At Quilters we work closely with parents and carers as we recognise this leads to the best possible outcomes for learners. Parents and carers are given regular opportunities to meet and discuss their child’s needs, progress and concerns.  We welcome your views and comments as part of our partnership with you and ensure we have both informal and more formal ways of involving you:


 Informally through:

  • An open door policy which gives you the opportunity to chat face to face, on the phone, by e mail or regular use of the home-school diary
  • Weekly class ‘drop in’ sessions
  • Parent Link / Parent Rep Meetings

Formally through:

  • Your child’s Education, Health and Care plan termly review (if applicable)
  • Termly progress review of your child’s Education Support Plan
  • Annual reports
  • Parents evenings
  • Parents workshops
  • Surveys of parents views


We always listen to young people as their welfare and happiness is absolutely central to us. We will respond individually to our learner’s choices, preferences and needs and get to know each individual very well. This is backed up with more structured procedures for gathering learners’ views:


  • One Page Pupil Profiles
  • The School Council
  • Termly Review of your child’s aspirations
  • Questionnaires
  • Observations
  • Wellbeing Council


Our staff expertise

At Quilters we have a committed staff base, selected for their experience, knowledge and aptitude for working with all pupils, including those with SEND. All our staff are dedicated to the wellbeing and progress of each individual and all teaching staff take responsibility for the progress of all their pupils. 


 We put in place a range of plans to meet learners’ holistic needs including:

  • Education Support Plans for SEND (and Pupil Premium)
  • Education, Health and  Care plans (EHCP)
  • One Page Pupil Profiles

Mrs Rachel Fitzgerald is the  schools’ SENCO (Special Educational Need and Disabilities co-ordinator)  achieving both the National award for SEND Coordination and a Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Research via Cambridge University in November 2012. She plays a key role in the life of the school and meets regularly with senior staff, teachers, teaching assistants, families, pupils, SEND governor (Mrs Alison Ford) and other professionals. She identifies training needs and opportunities and monitors the quality and impact of interventions. With the Head Teacher and Bursar she helps to manage the SEND budget and with the Governors and Head Teacher she determines the strategic development of the SEND Policy and provision.

The SENCO regularly attends training and up skilling. She also keeps up to date with current documentation and initiatives.


Teaching Assistants are currently employed on a needs basis to classes. All our Teaching Assistants are trained to a minimum NVQ Level 2 and are trained in First Aid. Within our team of Teaching Assistants we also have extensive knowledge on Dyslexia, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, DCD (Dyspraxia), ADHD, Emotional Needs and Physical Disabilities. All staff are trained annually on safeguarding.


Our partnerships

The school works closely with other professional partners who regularly visit us. This may include:

Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Inclusion Partners, Physiotherapists, Counselling Support, School Nurse and Family Support Workers.

If they are involved in working with your child, they will report to you and contribute to the overall plan for what your child needs.


Our governing body plays an active role in strategic planning and has responsibility for overseeing the practice in the school and ensuring it meets the needs of learners and families.


Our policies and provision

At Quilters we encourage parents/carers to initially contact the class teacher regarding any concerns they may have about their child. This is because ultimately teachers are responsible and accountable for the progress and development of each of the pupils in their class, regardless of any SEND they may have. They also work with them daily and have an intimate understanding of their strengths and areas to develop.  This information is then shared with the SENCO and further action/s, if required, are agreed.


The school delivers the requirements of the National Curriculum and will always make reasonable adjustments to meet individual needs. All learners are targeted to achieve at least good progress, based on national data, including learners with SEND.


We support learners as they move to different phases of education and life, particularly with transfer from Pre School, the Infant School and to Secondary School.


We assess all learners continuously in order to track progress and add them to or exit them from appropriate interventions.


Among the interventions we offer are:


Rapid Reading                           Gym Trail                                   Peer Mentoring

1:1 tailor made interventions     Handwriting                               Lego Therapy

Rapid Phonics                            Comprehension                           Well Being Mentoring

Toe by Toe                               Auditory Processing                   Social Stories

Dance Mat (Touch Typing)        Circle Time (Social Skills)          Numicon 


Our building and facilities are fully accessible and safe for all learners. Spaces and resources are timetabled according to the needs of different groups, although some pupils with SEND may have access to personal resources.


A range of our school policies are available on the website or we can provide copies on request.


Quilters Junior School was inspected by OFSTED on the 7th and 8th of March 2017 and was found to be Outstanding in all areas. The report states: 


 ‘The needs of pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities are very well met. The pupils make strong progress from their different starting points because the additional support they receive is well targeted and teachers’ expectations are rightly high.’


Quilters Infant School was inspected by OFSTED on the 14th and 15th of November 2018 and was found to be Outstanding in all areas. The report states: 


Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and disadvantaged pupils make very strong progress from their starting points because they are provided with the right support to meet their individual needs.’


Useful Websites – Support services for Parents

Local Offer detailing everything available in Essex to parents of children with special needs or disabilities  www.essexlocaloffer.org.uk

SNAP (Special Needs and Parents support group) – www.snapcharity.org  - 01277 211300

ISEssex  (Independent Support to assist those applying or transferring to an EHCP)– www.isessex.org - 01245 608300

FACE (Families Acting for Essex support group) – info@face-essex.org  – 01245 608231



Quilters Junior School Special Educational Needs and Disabilty Policy

'SENCO Update' (a year in review) - September 2020

SEND Information Report



SNAP – Special Needs and Parents www.snapcharity.org  - 01277 211300


isEssex- Independent Support for Education Heath and Care Plans www.isessex.org -01245 608300


FACE – Families Acting for Essex – info@face-essex.org  – 01245 608231


Families in Focus (Essex) www.familiesinfocusessex.org.uk – 01245 353575


Parent Partnership – Parentpartnership@essex.gov.uk -01245 436036


Billericay Health Centre, Stock Road- 01277 658071


Billericay Library, 143 High Street- 0845 603 7628


School Nurse – contact via the school


All of the above and more can also be found on the local offer located on www.essex.gov.uk

Quilters Federation Equality and Disability Scheme