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Going green - New solar panels

I am immensely proud to announce that Quilters Junior School has taken a huge step to becoming a ‘green school’, with solar panels now being stationed on our roof.


We will now produce enough energy to pay for our own consumption while being able to send some of this renewable energy back the grid, reducing the need for fossil fuels to be used.


Financially, the savings for the school will be in excess of over £200,000 over 20 years, with a net saving of over £150,000 for the school, once the panels have been paid for.  There is no initial cost to the school as all payments are made in arrears of money being both saved and generated by the panels each year.


Just as significantly, with a new ‘savings app’ linked to our solar panels and with a display screen in reception, we are in a strong position to teach the children about the cost of leaving electrical items on and about the savings (both financial and environmental) to be made by turning them off!  We can really educate them about the importance of being responsible at home with lights, consoles, TVs etc.


This project has taken three years to come to fruition as we needed to first persuade Essex County Council that our roof needed re-felting.  Many, many hours have been spent making this 'dream' a reality.  


This whole project simply wouldn’t have happened without Nick Christian, head of our Finance and Premises Committee.  His energy and drive has been immense.  Thanks Nick.