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Business Skills at Quilters Junior

Watch 'The Cafe' on QTV, where Year 6 set up their own pop-up restaurant for the day! 




Here are some of the reviews of their enterprise work, the 'Café Quaff'. 


What Year 6 said:


  • -I was really quite surprised at how good Year 6 were at 'waitering'!  I definitely improved my soft skills including confidence, patience and initiative.
  • -From reading the reviews, the decorations made it that much better... I think we were very organised and it was a great atmosphere with groovy music... It improved my teamwork skills and my confidence.  Also, I surprised myself because I would never have thought 11 year olds could run a café! 
  • -It brought all of the community together... I think I coped well under the pressure as I had to make A LOT of sandwiches!
  • -I improved my confidence by believing in myself... I surprised my self because when I was taking orders I didn't laugh!
  • -In Café Quaff, a lot of things went well such as the food was delicious, our service was quick and we were all polite and friendly.  There was an excellent atmosphere. 
  • -It made me a lot more confident with me cooking and I was better than I thought.  I think the soft skills I improved were: team work because we had to bake as a team, personal energy because in the kitchen we had to move fast and quality because the food had to taste nice (obviously!). 
  • -It surprised me that I was confident to talk to our customers because normally I am very shy.  By the end, I wanted to carry one because it was so much fun!
  • -A lot of the adults were surprised by the fact we were so organised.  Many would recommend Café Quaff!
  • -From reading the reviews, I think our café went down really well.  The food was delicious especially the sausage sandwiches and cookies.  Furthermore, many customers thought the staff (us) were polite, friendly and quick.
  • -I think the music was a little too loud at times and we would need to play calmer music next time, like Adele. 
  • -I thought this activity did help me with my confidence because I am really scared to talk to people I don't know but I served other people and spoke to them which really helped me with my confidence a lot. I really surprised myself today. 
  • -... The customers seemed happy with the quantity of our portions.  The table decorations were bright and colourful and the prices were very competitive... All in all, Quaff Café was the ultimate success.



What the customers said: 


  • -Staff were attentive and welcoming throughout the meal.
  • -Fantastic enthusiasm and hard work from the children and staff.
  • -Lovely selection of food, prompt delivery and very tasty.
  • -Fantastic, confident waiters and waitresses! 
  • -'I did not have room for the very generous piece of chocolate sponge (after a delicious, fresh cheese sandwich) but ate it anyway!'
  • -Pupils served with a smile.
  • -Such a wonderful idea - all the children looked happy and were enjoying the experience. 
  • -Very good, well spoken staff.  'Like a West End Cafe'! smiley
  • -The man making the hot drinks deserves a medal!!
  • -... Above all, the atmosphere was miles better than Pret-A Manger.
  • -Children were very organised, very helpful and attentive throughout. 
  • -Menu was well thought out and had a selection for everyone. 
  • -5 Star Service, food, drinks and atmosphere!!!  This was a quality restaurant experience. 
  • -Service was great.  Very, very speedy. 
  • -Great stuff!!  Our new favourite café.  See you next time you open!!!
  • -The DJs were brilliant and the music was perfecto!
  • -Pricing was reasonable and there was a good selection of food available.
  • -Attentive, friendly, knowledgeable regarding menu.  Very relaxed - a fun lunch.  Tasty homemade food. 
  • -Extremely helpful and welcoming waiter who made sure we had everything we needed. 
  • -5 Star Quality - Delicious food, speedy service, polite staff and everyone knew exactly what they should be doing.  Well done Year 6!!!
  • -All the children were polite and courteous and looked like they were having fun!  A GREAT TIME xx


What incredible pupils we have; what incredible entrepreneurial skills they have too!  I am immensely proud of them all individually and as a team, as a family. 


With great admiration,


Mr Wade.