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Welcome to Quilters Junior School.


Welcome to Quilters Junior School, a school where pupils believe in the importance of caring for others; where they enjoy learning to their full potential and where they respect each others right to be different, to be happy and to feel safe. 




Our vision for the pupils of Quilters Junior School was best expressed by Martin Luther King JR:  'Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education'. 


Academically, Quilters Junior School is high attaining and high achieving.  We pride ourselves on this.  However, who our children are and who they become, how they think and how they conduct themselves now and in the future is equally important. Our pupils believe in the importance of caring for others, enjoying their learning, the joy of being challenged and the importance of respecting each other’s right to be different, happy and to feel safe. 


We believe in the promotion and development of the whole child.  This is our quest, 'the Quilters Quest'.  We identify, celebrate and model: honesty, quality, tolerance, perseverance, determination, personal energy, courage, patience, modesty, happiness, thoughtfulness, teamwork, modesty and gratitude.  These personal qualities are crucial.  They are our 'soft skills' - core values that make 'Britain great'. 

Happy pupils learn.  That is the school's core belief.


In order to feel happy pupils must feel cared for; they must know they are loved; they need to feel safe; they need to know that they are special and have opportunities to feel special; they must be supported as individuals and must know that they will be listened to by staff - their opinion matters. Our pupils are active partners with our staff on their learning journey.


Very best wishes,


Mr Mike Wade

Head Teacher