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An Enriching Education for Every Child


 At Quilters Junior School we value creativity and the arts as much as we value academic success. Not all learning takes place in a classroom!

In order to provide a rounded education,  we ensure that all children participate in a wide range of enriching activities during

their time with us. We follow the National Curriculum fully but also offer many exciting (and some rather unique) opportunities for our children. These opportunities allow children to express themselves, perform, gain self-confidence and teamwork skills. Not to mention have lots of fun!


Here is a list (not exhaustive) of some of our recent enriching activities and adventures.


  • Heart Start first aid training run by NHS nurses and doctors
  • Performing on QFM, our own radio station (in cooperation with Phoenix FM)
  • Performing on QTV, our own TV channel (shown via our website)
  • Cooking in the school kitchen with our school cook
  • Running a school café as an Enterprise project
  • Fencing lessons with a GB fencer
  • Music and singing lessons for all pupils plus school choir
  • Producing art to display in our Art Gallery
  • Making artefacts for the Museum of Quilters
  • Children planning and running their own extra-curricular clubs
  • Frequent swimming lessons in our own pool​ 
  •  Talent competitions: Q-Factor, Quilters Has Talent, Strictly Come Quilters  and The Great Quilters Bake Off   
  • Many sporting activities and competitions including: football, basketball, athletics, Boccia, cross country, netball, gymnastics    
  •  Holding House Days to raise money for our school charities- totally planned and executed by the pupils themselves    
  • Three different residential trips are offered during years 4, 5 and 6.                                 


Some of these activities take place during our weekly Wednesday Enrichment afternoons (when we frequently employ outside specialists* to come in and work with our pupils) and the rest occur at other times of the school day or afterwards.


We want our children to be well-educated, well-rounded and happy. A balanced curriculum with many creative opportunities provides all children with a chance to shine.


*All individuals who work with pupils are DBS checked and are appropriately experienced or qualified.