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Safeguarding our children

How do I keep my children safe at Primary and Secondary School ? An Essential Guide.

Protecting Pupils from Extremism and Hate


Nicky Morgan, minister of education, announced a new package of measures to protect children from extremism.


The website is called Educate Against Hate


Please find some time to read the parent section.



Safe Guarding and Child Protection Policy - April 2017

Setting up parental controls on the Xbox or PlayStation



Please visit:

Our commitment to safeguarding (our school brochure statement)

Safeguarding Training for Staff 2016 - the key messages for keeping our children safe

Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation

Guidance for Vounteers. Must be signed by all volunteers at Quilters Junior School.

'Keeping Children Safe in Education' - DFE expectations of schools and school staff

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